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ReFound Estate Sales & Downsizing Services

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Estate & Content Sales

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"Let Us Handle It!"


Estate & Content Sales

We sell everything except the house! We sell the furniture, home décor, antiques, vintage items, art, vehicles (cars, motorcycles, ATVs, snow machines), power tools, tools, yard equipment, garage/shed contents.

From merchandising, pricing and advertising, we handle ALL aspects of the liquidation of house contents. We ensure safe handling and security of your property. We do the bookkeeping. We provide great client service prior to the sale and great customer service during sales. Only when the sale is completed do we collect payment. ReFound is not paid until the client receives the profits of the sale.

We run efficient sales in which buyers feel welcomed. Our pricing, advertising and merchandising are based on current market values. This leads to the attraction of interested buyers and generates high traffic. Buyers who feel comfortable and know they are getting good value will buy more.

We do the research for valuations of vintage items, high demand pieces and antiques. These will be priced appropriately after research and consultation with owners and appraisers.

The sale is done On Site in our client's home. Essentially, we set up and operate a sale on premises. Duration of sales depends on contents. Usually 1 – 3 days. Learn more about our process

Purchase Individual Items

We also purchase single items or a number of pieces. If you have an item or some items that you think we may be interested in purchasing, please contact us. Vintage, antiques, collectible...furniture, home décor, art. Snap a photo and email it to us at

Clean Out Services

We can also provide a service to clean the house out. This can be done at the end of a sale or as a stand alone service. The level of ‘clean out’ will be determined by the client. Some choose to have the house completely emptied (from large pieces of furniture down to foodstuffs). Others choose to specify only certain items to be removed.


This may be an option for clients who do not have enough items for a sale, but do have some items that they would like to liquidate. Or there may be some items that did not sell at a sale. In these cases, we would take the item(s) to our store, ReFound Furniture & More, in order to display and sell. The items will also be listed on the website.

NOTE: Store will be closed on Estate Sale days.